BCI partners with clients to develop strategies for long-term growth and sustainability. Understanding that every organization differs, we take a holistic approach to help executives design strategic frameworks that suit their company’s needs.

Operational Advisory

Our consultants can help design the right operating model to achieve better outcomes for patients and better outcomes for clients. In an era characterized by expanding markets, rising patient demand, advanced technologies, and increasing digitization, optimizing clinical and business operations is essential. Whether through patient outcomes, workforce productivity, clinical supply utilization or staff retention, we help our clients reduce the variation influencing the cost of patient care delivery. Our operational transformations ensure you're ready to deal with any potential obstacles and rapid changes, and our accreditation services help improve safety with practical and sustainable regulatory compliance.


BCI uses proven strategies and a breadth of experience to design the right operating model for organizations, taking into account all relevant components. Our healthcare operations consulting services encompass a wide variety of areas, including:


  • Accreditation Support:
  • Patient Experience
  • Employee Engagement
  • Workforce Planning
  • Performance Improvement