About BCI

About Us

BCI is a boutique healthcare consulting firm specializing in strategy, operations, and investment advisory. We help clients finetune their business strategies to confront challenges, develop solutions, and position their organization for sustainable growth. With over decades of global experience, our experts work hand in hand with client teams to develop innovative solutions to meet your needs and challenges.

The current healthcare environment is complex and rapidly evolving, and the pressure to deliver on investment and achieve desired outcomes can be overwhelming. We believe such a climate demands a dynamic investing approach. That’s why we work closely with you to create sound investment strategies aimed at helping you meet and advance your vision. Our engagement is firmly grounded in an evidence-based approach. We take a structured approach to assessing an organization’s vision, investment, and execution strategies. Our engagement is designed to align your vision to your execution strategy, enabling you to accomplish organizational objectives and achieve breakthrough results. By defining and articulating these elements, BCI helps you mold, manage, and accelerate the change you need. Our team’s expansive experience means that we understand the complexity of healthcare transformation and what it takes to make change happen.

BCI specializes in individualized, creative, and tailor made approaches to the specific visions, values, and business goals of our client. We recognize that no two organizations are alike. Our strategies and recommendations are highly customized to meet an organization’s unique needs. We work alongside clients to deliver sustainable and efficient solutions across a spectrum of healthcare advisory services. Upon site review and delivery of recommendations, we work with organizations to review the implementation process, advising on trends or events that may influence strategic direction.

Our Approach