BCI partners with clients to develop strategies for long-term growth and sustainability. Understanding that every organization differs, we take a holistic approach to help executives design strategic frameworks that suit their company’s needs.

Digital Health Transformation Advisory

Whether through increasing digital integration and the interoperability of your data and systems or supporting the deployment of patient-facing technologies, BCI can help you leverage data and technology to drive your organization forward. Our digital health advisory services can enhance how you share digital patient information across systems and between the functional teams that use them. We can guide your organization in optimizing efficiency in patient care and supporting better clinical decision-making. With electronic health record (EHR) systems becoming increasingly important in delivering patient care and improved business outcomes, our team can help assess and implement well-designed systems.


Our consultants are leaders in healthcare digital transformation. Their expertise in digital health can help you innovate your digital health strategies to fundamentally change your organization’s healthcare experience. Our consultants have extensive expertise in EHR vendor systems, workflow improvement, form consolidation, and end user adoption, as well as experience in the deployment of patient-facing technology, including telehealth capabilities and wearables. With over 45 years of combined experience in healthcare technology, telehealth applications, digital therapeutics, and care management, our specialists help deliver successful growth and monetization across the digital health landscape.