BCI partners with clients to develop strategies for long-term growth and sustainability. Understanding that every organization differs, we take a holistic approach to help executives design strategic frameworks that suit their company’s needs.

Board & Leadership Advisory

Board Advisory


From ensuring firm performance for stakeholders to striking a balance between governance and leadership, the roles and responsibilities of boards have become increasingly complex. BCI knows what successful boards look like. High-performing boards are engaged, strategically focused and agile. Our consultants have years of experience working directly with board members and have accumulated insights on a broad range of topics that boards will encounter.  Our consultants fully understand the sensitive and dynamic nature of board consulting. We combine a nuanced understanding of local governance legislation with global perspectives on boardroom trends and best practices to provide customized, practical advice on all aspects of board performance and effectiveness. Given the distinctiveness of boardrooms, our consultants bring a flexible approach and customized solutions to each board engagement. Our areas of expertise span advisory boards, board composition and compensation, board effectiveness and assessment, management oversight, board involvement in strategy, director recruitment and onboarding, governance best practices, leadership succession and development, and pre-IPO board development.


Leadership Advisory


Disruption, uncertainty, shifting market dynamics, and competitive pressure pose challenging demands on leadership. Organizations that will be most successful are those that have the right people in the top leadership roles working effectively together, and an organizational culture that is aligned with the strategic direction of the business. Successful leadership takes many forms. BCI understands what exceptional leadership is. Our consultants are current and former industry leaders who know what it takes for individual leaders and leadership teams to fulfill their full potential and create future-oriented, sustainable, and successful organizations. Our leadership solutions cover individual, team and organizational effectiveness, development and cultural transformation. We focus on your specific leadership needs, whether assessing and developing a diverse pipeline of potential successors, developing onboarding plans for new executives, managing talent in mergers and acquisitions, designing and implementing a target culture, or forming high-performing teams and defining roles and structures.